Covid 19 Resources

Covid-19 Resources:

AO #2020-0012: Guidelines for the Inclusion of the Corona Disease 2019 in the List of Notifiable Diseases for Mandatory Reporting to the Department of Health LINK
DM #2020-0138: Adoption of the PSMID CLinical Practice Guidelines on Covid-19LINK
DM #2020-0138: Adoption of the DM # 2020-0146: Adoption of POGS, PPS, PIDSOG, PSMFM, PSNbM, and PIDSP CLinical Approach to the Management of Covid-19 in Pregnancy and NewbornLINK
Directory of Regional Epidemiological Surveillance UnitLINK
MC 2020-0016: DOH - NPC Joint Memorandum Circular 2020-001 - Guidelines on the Use of Telemedicine in Covid-19 Response LINK