Why the need for RemediPlus?

  • The top five causes of death in the Philippines according to the PSA includes heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. 
  • These diseases are together known as NCD’s, or as Noncommunicable diseases. They represent 70% of all deaths in the Philippines. 
  • The World Health Organization states, the economic cost of non communicable diseases to the Philippine economy is about 756.5 billion per year. 
  • NCD’s can be prevented by minimizing the risk factors.  However, the lack of preventive health services to the grassroots remains inadequate. 
  • REMEDIPLUS SOLUTIONS is a practical alternative to the lack of clinical manpower in rural areas and addresses connectivity with medical experts through telemedicine.

RemediPlus Features:

Remediplus Screening and Diagnostics:

Non-Communicable Diseases
Blood Pressure, Pulse, Oxygen Saturation, 12 lead ECG, Respiratory Rate, Body Mass Index (BMI), Heart Sounds (Digital Stethoscope), Spirometer, Lipid Profile, Urine Analysis
Cardiac & Pulmonary Screening
Blood Glucose and Urine SugarDiabetic Screening
Skin Diseases screening using DermatoscopeDermatology Screening
Maternal and ChildBlood Pressure, Pulse, Fetal Heart Rate, HemoglobinAntenatal Screening
Malnourished Screening - Mid Upper Arm Circumference, Pulse, Hemoglobin, Respiratory Rate, Body TemperatureNeonatal/Infant Screening
General Laboratory TestsHepatitis, Syphilis, Dengue, HIVCommunicable Disease Confirmatory Tests
Troponin TestHeart Attack Point-of-Care Test
Hemoglobin, MalariaMalaria Screening

RemediPlus Benefits:

RemediPlus Use Cases:

Remedi Awards and Recognition

Neurosynaptics Communications, maker of ReMeDi, has been recognized at several National and International Fora for its pioneering work and impact in this domain.

  • Finalist at REME-DIY Innovation Grand Challenge (final results awaited) 2021
  • Innovators Appreciation Award by Universal Health Coverage Conclave 2018
  • Inspire Innovation Award 2017
  • Frost and Sullivan Emerging Digital Healthcare Service Provider of the year 2017
  • Business Line Emerging Social Enterprise Award 2017
  • Millennium Alliance award in 2016
  • ASME Innovation Showcase 2015
  • NASSCOM Social Innovation 2014 as Jury’s Special Choice Award
  • Fastest Growing Social Enterprise in the Healthcare Category by Action for India Forum in 2013
  • Global Indus Technovator in 2006 by IBC at MIT Boston U.S.A.
  • Finalist at the Social Entrepreneurs of the Year 2012 Award by Jubilant
  • Bhartiya Foundation and Schwab Foundation
  • Finalist at Inclusive Innovation 2013 by Indian Merchants’ Chamber
  • Grand Challenges Canada Stars in Global Health


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