What Set Us Apart From Other Telemedicine Providers?

  • Assured Market. RemediPlus partners with rural local government units (LGU) in need of doctors to provide constituents with a comprehensive tele-health care.
  • Physiologic and Point-of-Care Tests. RemediPlus provides its tele-health doctors with patients real-time physiologic parameters (e.g. heart sounds, blood pressure, vital signs) and point-of-care tests to provide a better means of making a diagnosis.
  • Comprehensive EMR. RemediPlus cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) covers medical past and present patient history and test results, diagnosis, e-prescription, interventions, recommendations and referrals.
  • Consultations made EASIER. A health worker shall accompany the patient, take downs medical history and complaints for you. They help intervene when you need something, or reiterate medicine schedules, recommendations and referrals on your behalf.
  • Report Generated. At the end of each consult, a report is automatically generated handed to patient from your medical history, to diagnosis, e-prescriptions, interventions, recommendations to referrals if present.
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Remediplus’ teleconsultations will be under the leadership of Dr. Juan “Jim” Sanchez, a renowned cosmetic surgeon, A 2017 Gawad Pilipinoy awardee, A CNN Hero Nominee, and Hospital on Wheels founder. Dr. Sanchez has been volunteering medical missions here and abroad since 1985 and understands the need to fill the healthcare gap in remote areas.
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Juan Jim Sanchez